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Welcome to Gateway Shidokan Karate 

S. Faulkingham, Sensei 3rd Dan



Urgent Information


Just a friendly reminder: A new session begins this week. Also, if anyone in your household has the flu, please do not bring them to karate. I would prefer that everyone in the household abstain from entering the building during the time of household illness. There are too many vulnerable individuals, babies and elderly, in the building to take the risk of infecting them. I will be happy to discuss options for making up the class(s) with you.

Nest Session: 

Begins on Monday, February 19th and Wednesday, February 21st. Classes will be held at Maryland Heights Community Center. We will be in the Infinity Roam. 









Class Schedule/

Classes are held on Mondays (M) and/or Wednesday (W)

Tiny Tigers (age 4-6) 

Beginners (W) - 5-6 p.m.

Intermediate (M) - 5-6 p.m

Kids (ages 7-13)

Beginner (M) - 5-6 p.m.

Intermediate (M & W) - 6-7 p.m

Advance (M & W) - 7-8 p.m.

Adults (ages 14+)

 All Ranks (M & W) - 8-9 pm.

Class Rate (per six week session)

One day a week classes

  • Member $38
  • Resident (non-member) $42
  • Non-resident (non-member)$46

Two day a week classes

  • Member $76
  • Resident (non-member) $84
  • Non-resident (non-member) $92






Classes are held at 

Maryland Height Community Center

2300 McKelvey Road

Maryland Heights, MO 63043

To enroll call: (314) 738-2599

or for online enrollment:

Maryland Heights Online Registration